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Wealth manager institutions come in a wide range of sizes, from global brand names with presence in multiple countries, to more nationally known companies to smaller, perhaps boutique local brands. There is no right or wrong but perhaps you feel more suited to a larger or a smaller wealth manager.

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Your investable wealth is the value of all your liquid assets; that means cash, shares, bonds and investments that can be easily sold. Property is not liquid so please don’t include this in your total.

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The size of account that you are considering opening with the wealth manager. Be realistic since this has a major impact on the range of wealth managers that will match you.

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Discretionary: The hassle-free, ‘leave it to the experts’ approach. Once your investment profile is determined, you hand over the reins to the wealth manager to invest your portfolio according to the agreed parameters. They update you periodically but they will not run the day-to-day decisions past you.

Advisory: The wealth manager will advise you on how they think you should invest your money but YOU have the final word on each and every investment decision. This requires a more significant time commitment than Discretionary management.

Execution-only: You make all the decisions with no advice provided by the wealth manager, they simply execute your instructions

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